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Methodology: - horizontal magnetic gradient, spectral radiometrics
Magnetometer: - Scintrex caesium magnetometers
- GEM potassium magnetometers
- 10 Hz sampling interval
- Horizontal gradient over 10 m
Spectrometer: - MEDUSA CsI crystal, 512 multichannel analyser
- full spectral processing
- sampling interval 1 Hz
Data aquisition system: - Geoduster, including real time compensation of mag
Navigation: - Integrated GDS and inertial measurement system
- Drift free GPS enhanced 3D orientation and initinally enhanced position and velocity
- Omnistar option on request
Altimeter: - Radar altimeter
- Laser altimeter (200 Hz)
Processing software: - Geosoft Oasis Montaj
- Interpid and customised software
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